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What to expect when you visit.
1. A warm welcome. There are many far bigger congregations,
but none offer a warmer or more heartfelt welcome than
Wagon Wheel. - Romans 15:7-12
2. A caring membership. Sincere interest
in helping you grow in spiritual strength,
grace and knowledge wherever you are
in your spiritual journey.
Helping Hands
Encouragement, compassionate support, nurturing, guidance, and fellowship to the best of our ability.​​ - Romans 12: 10,12, 15

3. Plain preaching and teaching of the gospel. The good news of Jesus Christ is simple. God wants you to understand his Word.​​- Romans 1:16.

4. No perfect people. We guarantee you'll not find a perfect person among us. We're just a group of flawed, sinful people endeavoring through prayer, supplication, study and mutual encouragement, to better understand the Lord's will for us and gain a closer walk with Him. - Romans 3:23.
5. Nothing fancy. We're plain, ordinary folk in the eyes of the world. Not a celebrity among us; no fame and fortune, no Nobel Prize winners, or Mensa members. But, redeemed by the blood of Christ, in God's eyes, we are His children, heirs to eternal life, personal fellowship with Him and the limitless riches of heaven. - 1 Peter 3:4.
6. Few in number (for now.) We're an extension of the Wagon Wheel Missionary Baptist Church, Henderson, Nevada, Pastor: Jim Smith. As such, like the circuit riding preachers of yesteryear, we enjoy periodic sermons from preachers from sister churches. We have faith the Lord will bless our congregation with growth so that we may soon organize as an independent New Testament Church and call a full time pastor. In the interim, Brother Bill Stevens does a stellar job of leading us in the study of God's word. 
God blesses us just the same as if we numbered in the hundreds or thousands for Christ promised that where two or three were gathered together in His name, he would be in their midst. - Matthew 18:20.
7. A joyful noise. We look forward to having a regular piano player and a choir as our numbers increase. We promise no choir of any size, anywhere makes a more joyful noise unto the Lord than our little group. Psalm 95:1. 
8. We don't have a steeple or bells. In fact, we meet in a small business building on Highway 89, with little resemblance to a church facility. Our vision is to grow with families who love the Lord and have a building of our own to dedicate to the cause of Christ, and to sharing His Word for years to come in our community and beyond and focus on serving him. (God doesn't look at buildings; He looks at hearts.)
Family Walks to Church

Visit anytime

(and often).


545  North Highway 89

Chino Valley, AZ 86323


Mail: P.O. Box 3332


Sunday School- 10 a.m.

Worship - 11 am.

Bible Study - 5:30 p.m.


6 p.m. Prayer Meeting


Youth Fellowship & Fun

10 - 12 noon.

The Little Red Church

This is us -

Big enough to serve you;

small enough to know you.

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